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—  About Jenny Seiler Photography

I like to make people cry.  When the tears flow, I have done my job well.

Close your eyes and see the people in your life that you cherish most.  Those faces are ever-changing.  What parts do you want to remember forever?  Your baby's chubby leg rolls?  Your kindergartener's smile, showing baby teeth that will soon be gone?  Maybe one last family photo before your "baby" heads off to college?

My name is Jenny.  I AM your pause button.  What I do every day is so much more than "taking pictures."  I capture your family's love, preserve it, and display it loud and proud for you to enjoy every day (and for others to ooh and aah over too!).

My artistry is focused on raw emotion, genuine smiles and the beautiful relationships between people.  Interacting with people through photography is what really makes my heart sing!  My methods are a bit unconventional.  I'll gladly make embarrassing animal noises, let kids "scare" me and make a fool out of myself to create that one-in-a-million shot! 

Say goodbye to stiff, boring photos with a cheesy backdrop.  A session with me will result in the perfect blend of quirky, vibrant and authentic photographs that will make you cry…good tears.   Pick up the phone right now to schedule your own adventure.  You know you want to!

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